Energy is your basic resource which is needed to build every single units and building, as well as to pay the upkeep for all of them. There are two ways to produce energy, either by making a lot of fairly cheap Solar Collectors or a lot more expensive Fission Reactors, which produce almost 3 times more energy then the Solar Collectors. You should always try to keep your energy net change in the positive side as if you run out of energy you wouldn't be able to pay the upkeep and your fleet will slowly disband. A way to minimize your upkeep is through Population. Energy cannot be stored indefinitely and will decay, the more energy you have the faster it will decay, the total decay will always amount to 0.5% of your total energy per week.


Minerals are used to build most buildings as well as fleet units unlike cash however it is not needed to pay the upkeep for your army and buildings. Minerals are produced by Mineral Plants, which themselves require no minerals.


Crystals are used widely in unit production, especially when it comes to building more Technologically advanced units. Crystals are produced by Crystal laboratories, which themselves require no crystals. As Crystals are a carbon compound they decay, the rate is 2% of your total amount per week.


Ectrolium is used in small quantities in production of almost all buildings and units but still has to be taken seriously as it is no easy task to produce this valuable element. Ectrolium is produced by the Refinement stations, which themselves require no ectrolium.