It is not known why some planets have artifacts on them, it is rumored that they were left there by some long instinct ancient empire that ruled the galaxy millions of years ago. Artifacts are extremely rare and generally there are only a few of them scattered across the galaxy. If anyone finds them they will give a special bonus to the entire family of the lucky person who found them. Their bonuses have great variety, here are the artifacts from Beta 5:

Beta 5:
Ether Gardens
provide a 5% increased energy production!
The Mana Tree increases the effectiveness of your psychics by 30%!
The Evolution Obelisk raises the maximum of all research fields by 20%!
The Horn of Czarina provides a bonus of 10% to all military units attack!
The Aura Pyramid reduces fleet readiness losses when attacking by 20%!
The Altar of Storms increases military units strength by 20% while reducing their defense by 10%!

Round 1:
The Ether Gardens provide a 10% increased Energy production!
The Fountain of Jouvence increases population growth rate by 50% and raise Culture research maximum by 30%!
The Regeneration Dome reduces the Crystal decay rate to 25% of the regular rate!
The Sphere of Fury increases military units attack by 25%, while reducing agents and psychics strength by 15%!
The Minbari Legacy increases military units defense by 15% and fleets travel speed by 30%!
The Empath Nexus reduces by half the difficulty of the operations : Spy Target, Observe Planet, Infiltration and High Infiltration!
The Espers Gate increases Psychics strength by 20% and the effectiveness of the Phantoms spell by 50%!
The Antimatter Collider increases Fission reactors production by 10% and raise all research fields maximum by 10%!

Round 2:
The Ether Gardens increase energy production by 10%!
The Travel Hypercube increase speed by 30% and maximum portal research by 60%!
The Vulcan Library raise all research maximums by 15%, or 40% with the Vulcan Forge!
The Vulcan Forge increase all military units attack and defense by 5%, or 15% with the Vulcan Library!
The Stealth Dome increase all military units defense by 10% and agents effectiveness by 30%!
The Creation Temple all planets owned by the family increase their size by 1 per 12 weeks!
The Energy Paradigm increase energy production by 20% and double the decay rate!
The Sentient Planet increase mineral, crystal and ectrolium production by 5%!

Round 3:
The Ether Gardens provide a 10% increased Energy production!
The Universal Knowledge Archives doubles technology research production and raises all research maximums by 40%!
The Stellar Life Symbiosis reduces all upkeep costs by 10%!
The Runestone increases Crystal production by 20%!
The Time Field Paradigm reduces the readiness cost of all agents operations by half!
The Global Consciousness Nexus raises the Culture research maximum by 150%!
The Tachyon Pulsar doubles Shield Networks strength!
The Vorlon Weaponry Relics increase all military units attack by 20%!

Round 8:
 The Ether Gardens provide a 10% increased Energy production!
 The Cybernetic Society doubles research production, but increases the vulnerability to enemy agents operation by 50%!
 The Xxit's Wisdom Grimoire increases by 15% the Fission reactors energy production!
 The Temple of Enlightenment increases the Culture and Construction research maximums by 60%!
 The Mana Tree increases the psychics strength by 30%!
 The Star of Life increases the research maximum of all fields by 80%, but reduces the attack strength of all military units by 25%!
 The Obelisk of Time increases all readiness recovery rates by 15%!
 The Hyperspace Theorem increases the construction research maximum by 100%!
 The Invisibility Algorithm increases the attack strength of all military units by 20%!