This is Starfurys Guide to Ectroverse, some of the things need updating, I will work on this as time goes by
for more information Here is Kevinsbane's Guide



Commonly known as HQ this place stores the vital information about you faction, it is also the page you will always see first when accessing your account. 

Week 26, Year 94

20 seconds before next turn

User: Good Empire
Faction: Good Empire

  Empire #4                                    Fleet Readiness: -15%
: 5                              Psychics Readiness: 50%
: 228400                 Agents Readiness: 94%
   Networth: 708507                           Home Planet: 25,3:1

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Going from top to bottom, the first line shows the current EctroVerse date, each EctroVerse week is 10 minutes long (current version) and there are 52 weeks in an EctroVerse year. The next line tells you amount of time left until the game updates itself next time. 

User: Tells you your account name which you use to log in.

Faction: Faction name which you play under.

Empire: Empire which you are in.

Planets: The number of planets you own

Population: Total population of your faction.

Networth: The total networth of your faction. 

Fleet Readiness: How ready your forces are to fight a battle (100% max).

Psychic Readiness: How ready your psychics are to perform another  spell (100% max).

Agent Readiness: How ready your agents are to perform another operation (100% max).

Home Planet: The coordinate of your home planet.

If there are any new reports to be read, then the "No New Reports" will disappear and the actual report(s) will appear in its place, you can click on the "See older reports" link to find out what happened to your faction in the past.

Click on the links above to find out more detailed explanation of each.

(Note: The numbers above are only an example and will vary drastically from empire to empire.)